Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Best and the Worst

Apparently all the 4 person rooms are full...lame. However, I have decided to bring a frisbee and share some Ulti-love with my dormmates. I'm going to make the best of this, always.


Hi Elizabeth:

Warm greetings from Ming Chuan University, Taiwan.
My name is Amy Tsou. I am a third-year student at MCU International College, majoring in International Business and Management.
Paired by the international office, I'll be your personal Buddy during the entire spring semester.
I am very happy to answer any questions you may have about studying at MCU and help you to get to know our Taiwanese culture.
You are welcome to write to me at any time, or you can contact me on Facebook.

I look forward to meeting you in February!



Saturday, January 15, 2011


2011/1/13 Elizabeth Butcher

I am a exchange student from West Virginia University who will be attending Ming Chuan this spring and saw in the handbook if we wanted to stay later than the date scheduled to move out of the dorm there would be a small fee.
Where can I find more details on this? I was hoping to stay until the 27th of June and did not know if I needed to move to a hotel when the dorm date is up or what the fee would be to stay.

Thank you for your time! I am looking forward to meeting you soon.

Elizabeth M. Butcher
West Virginia University

Hi Elizabeth,

you may be charged by additional NT$100 per day for staying longer.
for example, if you stay for 10 more days after the date is up, the extra cost is NT$1,000, approx. U$33, which is quite reasonable i think.



I have decided to stay an extra ten days and spend my 2oth birthday in Taiwan this year, continuing my tradition of a different city every year. This time, however, I thought a different country would bring in my new decade of age nicely. For $33USD? Absolutely.

So, at last, I purchased my tickets today...but amidst the rush of work and time zone changes, the tickets I purchased caused me to arrive the 11th of February at 9:50PM...the day prior to the dates available to arrive. A phone call, crazy explanation, and ten thousand thank you's later, the purchase was voided and I was able to purchase tickets safely delivering me to Taiwan on the correct date. Fiasco averted.

Today was very productive. Aside from purchasing my tickets, I finished a scholarship renewal application and turned in the paperwork to receive my money from the B&E Enrichment Fund.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Airline tickets: purchasing.
Visa Application: mailing after plane ticket purchase

Aside from packing, all that is left is to notify Ming Chuan of my arrival so my Buddy can pick me up!

[30 days to departure]

Friday, January 7, 2011

Hurry Up and Wait.

Well, looks like I told a fib. Apparently I have to include a copy of my airline itinerary with my Visa seems everything revolves around my ticket purchase. I can't claim my B&E enrichment funds without it either...So again, I am waiting. Waiting on my ticket purchase, to wait on my Visa, to wait to leave.

Can everything just hurry up already?

[35 days to go]

In other news, I have purchased my giant suitcase and a few essentials for my impending trip...a few things at a time, but things are coming together. It is incredibly unfortunate however that I may have to purchase a new PC before leaving. Yet another expense I did not foresee to put in the budget, however it seems it is unavoidable. My computer is several years old and last night took a turn for the worse. So many things wrong, yet so many things right. At least it decided to be mortally wounded here instead of there. Thank you, PC gods.